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Fabulous Canada

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Canadian French - A Québécois Phrasebook Share

Canadian French - A Québécois Phrasebook

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English-language title, Digital Version (File Only)
Author(s) : Ulysses Collective
Series : Ulysses Digital Phrasebook ebook
Publisher: Ulysses Travel Guides
Format: PDF (full book)
Theme(s) : Language, dictionaries
Release date : 4 April 2016
192 pages; ISBN : 9782765826521


C4: Canadian French - A Québécois Phrasebook

Canadian French – A Québécois Phrasebook

A fun and practical phrasebook for visitors and residents

Hundreds of colourful everyday expressions, with their meanings in standard French and English

Phonetic transcriptions to help you understand

Sidebars on Québécois culture and linguistic particularities

  • History and Basics of French in Canada
  • Daily Life
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Lodging and the Home
  • Eating In and Out
  • Shopping
  • Human Relations
  • Bilingual Dictionaries

Travel with a phrasebook in your pocket and enrich your journey; know the essential words and understand the people of the countries you visit to facilitate communication and foster personal encounters; this will make for a much more pleasurable travel experience. Canadian French - A Québécois Phrasebook, a fun and pocket-sized companion, will be sure to improve your appreciation of French as it is spoken in Quebec and other parts of Canada. Discover Canadian French with its pre-French Revolution slang, its regional dialects, its colloquial expressions and its distinct accent and slang words; Quebec's famous "joual" French or quebecois French as spoken by French Canadians. This phrasebook includes thousands of usual expressions in Canadian French with their equivalent in standard French and English, as well as translations of hundreds of practical sentences that can be used in all travel situations in Quebec, with phonetic indications to get the appropriate pronunciation. Hundreds of words or expressions, grouped by topics, are proposed - transportation, health, outdoor activities, lodging, restaurants, social relationships. Issues specific to French Canadian reality are also covered - local cuisine, words and expressions borrowed from the English language, swearwords and profanities. With its new practical layout and detailed index, Canadian French - A Québécois Phrasebook is a must-have to find what you are looking for in a wink. A Canadian French / English dictionary is included featururing English to French Canadian translations of common and slang words. Phrases to improve your vocabulary, grammar and dialogue skills abound. With your very own pocket French course, learn to hold a conversation in Canadian French and make your trip to Quebec and other parts of French Canada a memorable one.

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Phrasebook for dining in French Canada

Phrasebook for dining in French Canada
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Here's a practical tool to help you read a French-Canadian menu. Wherever you travel in French Canada, this guide will make your meals more enjoyable; it will help you discover the local cuisine and satisfy all your culinary... » Read more


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