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Get digital versions of Ulysses Travel Guides online

Planning a trip? No more need to chase down your Ulysses Guide in the store! You can now download the digital version onto your computer with a few clicks of the mouse. It’s easy, practical, and economical!

Consult the list of Ulysses Travel Guides available electronically

Certain chapters are also sold separately – very useful if you’re just planning to spend a few hours or a few days in a specific city or region.

Consult the list of Ulysses Guide chapters available electronically

Here are some answers to your questions about buying Ulysses Travel Guides as ePub or PDF e-books.

What format are the digital Ulysses Travel Guides offered in?

Digital Ulysses Travel Guides are available as ePub and/or PDF files. You can download each one in seconds from its respective page.

How large is the  file for a digital guidebook or chapter?

Files can vary in size from 1 to 60 megabytes, depending on the length of the book. Individual chapters sold in PDF format are generally 1 or 2 megabytes in size. ePub file are generally smaller.

What systems can I use my digital guidebook on?

PDF documents are primarily conceived to be read on a PC or a tablet. Text readability is very good on these platforms, especially when using the zoom function to read the passages that especially interest us.

ePubs can be also be read on any PCs, but the Adobe Digital Editions needs firt be downloaded for that purpose. ePubs are particularly convenient for smaller screens such as smartphones'.

How much does a digital guidebook or chapter cost?

Digital Ulysses Travel Guides are sold for about 75% of the original price of the book. Most chapters cost between $0.99 to $4.95 each.

What are the advantages of travelling with a digital guidebook?

• Saving space in your luggage
• Being able to consult the guide on your computer whenever you like and print exactly the pages you need according to your journeys and interests
• Helping you out when you have to leave in a hurry and don’t have time to go to the bookstore
• Saving on the regular price of the guidebook
• Being able to navigate easily through the book using the summary or the hypertext links within the text
• Being able to use the “search” function to quickly find whatever information you want
• Being able to consult the guide on your iPhone when dining out or meeting friends

What happens if I can’t download the file or if I can’t open it because of a technical problem?

When you buy a digital guide from Ulysses, you have the right to a file that works. The “Your Ebooks” option in the menu at the upper right of each page on this website allows you to re-download any of the files you have downloaded, at any time.

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IMPORTANT. To help us help you, please include the following information in your message:

1) Your complete name.
2) Your phone number.
3) Your order number.
4) The type of platform (PC, Mac, iPad, Android phone, etc) on which you wish to download tour files.
5) The type of web browser your are using (Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.).
6) A short and clear descriptyion of your problem.


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