New York
  New York

What is New York?! Everyone thinks he or she knows what New York is, but the name actually refers to many different entities.

New York State is divided into electoral districts called counties. Together, the territories of New York County, Bronx County, Richmond County, Kings County and Queens County cover an area of 787km². This is what the State of New York officially recognizes as City of New York.

But for most visitors, and for New Yorkers themselves, New York is a reality that extends beyond the five boroughs. Manhattan's skyline remains the most important landmark, but the urban network of this megalopolis extends far beyond it. All of the neighbouring cities are part of it, whether north of the Bronx, on Long Island, or even in New Jersey. This conurbation, with a population of 25 million, is one of the largest in the world.

The greatest artists in the world live in New York City long enough to create their masterpieces, the greatest athletes are cheered by crowds of fans, and Wall Street, the city's core, is emblazoned in the eyes of millions of businesspeople striving for wealth and luxury.

Visitors to New York get to explore streets that feature some of the most varied architecture in all of the United States, watch impromptu street-corner performances, or step into the Village Vanguard or the Blue Note to hear the newest giants of jazz and blues. They don't have to look far for entertainment: they can rush headlong to Broadway to see renowned theatre productions; they take in screenings of the latest Woody Allen movie; they can ride the ferry to Staten Island to see the Queen of the Atlantic, the Statue of Liberty. A full experience of New York involves soaking up its unique atmosphere and being swept up in the folly of a city that was built on the dreams of millions.