London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom, is a city that's bound to its past, even as it embraces the future. From its famous sights to its quiet, tucked-away corners, this is a city that begs to be discovered again and again. Tradition has an important place in London?this is, after all, the home of the Queen of England?but the city also proves to be refreshingly modern and innovative.

London is situated in southeast England, on the banks of the Thames, the country's main river. Its favourable location allowed the city to become Britain's leading port. This vast city lies some 60km from the North Sea and is home to more than seven million people.

The theatre capital of the world, London is anything but boring. Here, commemorative blue plaques mark the houses of the city's historic residents. Visitors will enjoy exploring London's various neighbourhoods, many historic squares, verdant parks and bustling streets.

Bewitching, refined and multicultural, London never seems to sleep and offers a vast array of entertainment options, both day and night. Winding down a day spent shopping in one of the city's 3,000 boutiques with a cup of traditional Five O'clock Tea is just one of the many pleasures to be enjoyed in the nation's capital. But the fun stop doesn't stop there: visitors can partake in the local "sport" of pub-hopping, attend one of the city's 150 cultural events that take place each day, visit one of its 300 museums or savour a fine meal in one of its 6,000 or so restaurants!