Finding your way around

By Plane
Mohammed V International Airport (Office National des Aéroports, tel. 05 22 53 90, is located 30km southeast of Casablanca. The simplest and cheapest way to reach the city centre is by train (ONCF,, which provides transportation to the Casa Voyageurs or Casa Port stations in about 45min. The CTM bus ( also takes passengers downtown in under an hour. Most car-rental agencies also have offices at the airport.

By Taxi
The red petits taxis (small taxis) are confined to the city and can carry a maximum of three passengers. Fares are inexpensive, but require a little savvy. First, make sure the driver turns on the meter. Otherwise, settle the fare before boarding. The grands taxis (large taxis) depart from Boulevard Hassan Seghir, near the CTM station, and can take passengers outside the city.

By Car
Drivers must hang on for dear life! More often than not, anarchy reigns in the streets of Casablanca, and local drivers seem to flout the highway code with impunity. If you wish to drive nonetheless, note that most car-rental agencies are located on Avenue de l'Armée Royale.