Finding your way around

By Plane
Situated less than 8km west of downtown, Honolulu International Airport (tel. 808-836-6411) was built between Pearl Harbor and the Hawaiian capital. The trip via the H1 Freeway takes only about 12min (20min to Waikiki). You can also get to Honolulu via the Nimitz Highway.

By Bus
TheBus (tel. 808-848-5555, www.thebus.org) covers most of the island and offers the archipelago's most extensive bus service. You can obtain a bus schedule for each bus line at the main office (811 Middle St.), or you can purchase a complete guide at one of the island's many ABC Discount Stores.

By Car
Honolulu is located at the heart of a network of roads that serve the entire island. If you're asking for directions and someone tells you to head towards Diamond Head or 'Ewa, this means east or west, respectively. Two other frequently used terms are mauka, which means towards the mountains, and makai, which means towards the sea. The main car rental agencies have outlets downtown and at the airport. Every company should automatically provide you with the O'ahu Drive Guide. If they don't, just ask for it, as it is sure to come in handy.