Finding your way around

Enormous Heathrow International Airport (tel.0870-000-0123, is located some 24km west of London and includes five terminals. Heathrow is connected to London's Underground subway network, with a Tube Station serving terminals 1, 2 and 3, and two others serving terminals 4 and 5. The Tube is the easiest and most economical way into town, and you can expect to get from the airport to the downtown area in a little under an hour. The trip from the airport to the city can also be made by train (Heathrow Express, tel.0845-600-1515,, bus (National Express, tel.0871-781-8179, or taxi. This last option is rather expensive though, as the 1hr ride from the airport to the city will cost you at least $75.

Gatwick International Airport (tel.0870-000-2468, is located 45km south of London and has two terminals. You can reach London from the airport by train (Gatwick Express, tel.0845-850-1530,, bus (National Express, tel.0870-580-8080,, or taxi, once again by far the most expensive option.

London's public transport system is very efficient. The London Underground subway network (or "The Tube," as Londoners commonly refer to it), is the easiest and most inexpensive way to get around the city. Visitors to the city can benefit from various travel passes (for one day, a weekend, a week, etc.). Buses are mostly used to cover short distances in the downtown area.

Driving in London is not recommended, as traffic is usually a nightmare. Certain main roads are closed to cars during the week and parking is either impossible to find or very expensive. Better to stick with The Tube or walk, if possible. The United Kingdom's left-hand driving rule is another important factor to take into consideration: not only are foreign drivers used to driving on the right, but pedestrians must also remember to look right instead of left before crossing at intersections.