Finding your way around

By Plane
Indira Gandhi International Airport (tel. 011-2566-1000, is located 20km southwest of Delhi. Frequent shuttles depart from the airport and run to Connaught Place, in downtown New Delhi; the trip takes approximately 50min.

By Taxi or Rickshaw
These are two practical ways of travelling around Delhi. To avoid misunderstandings, you should negotiate the price of your trip in advance. Taxis charge extra for air conditioning. You can also purchase a pre-paid taxi ticket: paid in advance at a kiosk, the fare is higher than if you bargain, but may be preferable if you're unfamiliar with the city and have no idea what the price should be.

A rickshaw is a tricycle that is powered either mechanically or by a human. While not very comfortable, it provides a practical and affordable means of transport. For human-powered vehicles, do not haggle too much and make sure you leave a generous tip: these drivers are among the lowest paid workers in all of India.

By Bus
The least expensive way of getting around, after walking, the Delhi bus system (DTC) runs fairly smoothly, but its buses are always packed and maps of its network are impossible to find.