Denpasar (Bali)
  Denpasar (Bali)
Finding your way around

By Plane
Ngurah Rai International Airport (tel. 0361-751011) is located in the southern part of the island, 2.5km outside the city of Kuta. The airport's international and domestic terminals are located a few hundred metres from each other. Fixed-rate taxis await near both terminals to take travellers to the neighbouring towns, tickets for which can be purchased from a nearby kiosk. Traditional taxis with meters can also be found a little outside the limits of the airport, and are usually less expensive.

By Taxi
Taxis are easy to come by in the southern part of the Island, in the capital of Denpasar and in Ubud, where you can hail them right off the street. Although their taxis are equipped with meters, drivers may try to negotiate a fixed price for your trip, which can quickly end up costing you much more.

By Bus or Bemo
Bali's public transit provides service within each city as well as between the island's various towns. The Balinese people's preferred means of transportation is the bemo, a shared minibus which is usually packed and makes frequent stops. Public buses are larger and provide efficient service between the island's cities. You can generally find these buses at the Denpasar bus stations. Their stops are less frequent and they can take you to Singaraja, in the northwestern part of the island, or Gilimanuk, on the northern coast, among other destinations. A shuttle service that caters to tourists was set up recently. Its buses serve the main tourist destinations and the airport.

By Car or Motorcycle
Driving in Bali can be a perilous adventure. The Balinese drive on the left, like to honk their horn and usually don't hesitate to pass or cut off other vehicles. If you do wish to explore the island by car, you can rent one at the airport or in most large cities and hire a chauffeur who will certainly be more accustomed to Bali's roads. If you insist on driving, you will need to have an international driver's permit. Visitors can also rent a motorcycle in certain travel offices, restaurants and shops found throughout the island. Helmets are mandatory and you will need to purchase a temporary motorcycle permit at the Denpasar police station.