Finding your way around

By Plane
Kansai International Airport ( was built on an artificial island in Osaka Bay. Two train lines serve the airport: the Nankai line runs to Namba station (in southern Osaka), while the JR Hanwa line runs to the JR station. Shuttles also provide service between the city and the airport.

By Train
The Shinkansen (, Japan's high-speed train, connects Tokyo and Osaka in less than three hours. The Japan Rail Pass ( can be used on the entire Japan Rail (JR) network for a limited time. Private train lines also serve the area.

By Bus
Although the city's bus network is fairly complicated, it provides a practical means of transportation in the countryside. The bus stations are located within the Namba and Umeda-Osaka train stations.

By Public Transportation
Osaka's metro is very practical for getting around the city. Buses and trams weave through the streets of Osaka but you will need to read or speak Japanese to get to where you want to go. Daily metro passes are available for visitors and can also be used on trams and buses. The Kansai Thru Pass, a ticket that is valid on all private transportation lines (metros, trains and buses except JR lines) is reserved exclusively for foreign visitors.