Puerto Rico
  Puerto Rico

San Juan
There are several museums displaying extensive art collections in town. It is virtually impossible to describe the unique and extraordinary character of Old San Juan, a true Caribbean treasure and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Eastern Puerto Rico
Blessed with the island's most beautiful coastline, eastern Puerto Rico is a paradise for those who crave sunny fine-sand beaches and untouched nature. Undeniably the most developed region in terms of tourism, it is easily and quickly reached from the capital.

Southeastern Puerto Rico
Dazzling with its golden beaches and lush mountains, the southeastern region has a lot to offer travellers who are looking to wander off the beaten path. Perched in the peaks of the Cordillera Central, Barranquitas and Aibonito are two charming, secluded villages. The southeastern coast's heavenly beaches should not be missed. The region's capital and hub of tourism, Humacao, is the setting for an enormous hotel complex that attracts thousands of visitors.

Southwestern Puerto Rico
Southwestern Puerto Rico is another fantastic region for beaches, diving and water sports. Isla de Mona and La Parguera are cherished by deep-sea divers, but will also appeal to those who just want to go for a dip.

Northwestern Puerto Rico
Far from the tourist circuit, northwestern Puerto Rico is definitely worth a visit. The region is noticeably quiet and serene, and features some magnificent beaches in Rincón and Isabela, as well as in the area of Aguadilla.