95 Rue Prince Moulay Abdallah, tel. 022-22-26-69
Featuring a quintessentially Moroccan setting and exquisite local fare, the highly reputed Al-Mounia restaurant harbours a lush garden in which diners can enjoy pastillas, pigeon with raisins or meat stews.

Brasserie La Bavaroise
133 Rue Allal-ben-Abdallah, tel. 022-31-17-60
Offering the best French cuisine on Moroccan soil, this stylish establishment serves up charcoal-grilled meats, various French regional specialties and classic fare such as sauerkraut and tripe.

La Sqala Café Maure
Boulevard des Almohades, tel. 022-26-09-60
The menu at Café Maure, located within the sqala, shows a predilection for fish and salads, but also offers traditional dishes like goat stew. Enchanting setting.

À Ma Bretagne
Boulevard de la Corniche, near the Marabout of Sidi Abd Er-Rahman, tel. 022-36-21-12
An oceanfront gourmet restaurant, À Ma Bretagne serves up seafood, fish (the catch of the day) and various French classics. This is one of Morocco's finest restaurants.

Snack Amine
22 Rue Chaouia, tel. 022-54-13-31
This small, clean and inexpensive eatery dishes out paellas, seafood and fried fish. Portions are generous and the mosaic-adorned decor provides a pleasant setting.

La Bodega
129 Rue Allal-ben-Abdallah, tel. 022-54-18-42
La Bodega is a great tapas bar that is very popular with the young set. Patrons here enjoy Spanish and Latin-American fare, washed down with sangria. Salsa music and cocktails round out a lively night out.

Rick's Café
248 Boulevard Sour-Jdid, tel. 022-27-42-07
Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, you walk into Rick's Café-and so you should. A piano bar modelled after that of the classic Hollywood film Casablanca, Rick's is also a wonderful restaurant with a great port-side location. Its menu features nouvelle cuisine with Mediterranean and Californian accents.

Pâtisserie Bennis Habous
2 Rue Fkih-el-Gabbas, tel. 022-30-30-25
A highly renowned traditional pastry shop located in the Habbous district, Bennis Habous is a must for fans of cornes de gazelle (marzipan-filled cookies), almond fekkas and other Moroccan desserts.