Habana Vieja

Café Taberna
Calle Mercaderes, corner Calle Brasil (Calle Teniente Rey)
tel. 861-1637
A popular meeting place for fans of son and bolero, the Café Taberna is set in a spacious room where the music of the Buena Vista Social Club provides the perfect accompaniment. Generous chicken and pork dishes are served here and the milkshakes provide the perfect refreshment on a hot day.

Taberna de la Muralla
Plaza Vieja, Calle Muralla, corner Calle San Ignacio
This microbrewery faces the Plaza Vieja and offers a large, pretty dining room that hides a charming back patio. Diners can also choose a table outside under the arches or directly on the plaza to enjoy the Taberna's tasty homebrews and grilled meats.

La Mulata del Sabor
Calle Sol no. 153, between Calle Cuba and Calle San Ignacio
La Mulata del Sabor is a pleasant little paladar which offers classic Creole fare in an intimate family-style setting. The establishment only has some three tables, which are set up in front a large aquarium that hides the restaurant's kitchen.

Café el Mercurio
Edificio Lonja del Comercio, Plaza San Francisco
Located on the ground floor of the magnificent Lonja del Comercio building, Café el Mercurio's charming decor features diner-style booth tables. The restaurant's menu offers a delicious and colourful plate of Cuban-style rice served with chicken or seafood.

Café del Oriente
Calle Oficios, corner Calle Amargura
Located right on Plaza de San Francisco, this restaurant serves delicious international cuisine in a breathtakingly elegant setting.

La Bodeguita del Medio
Calle Empedrado no. 207, between Calle San Ignacio and Calle Cuba
La Bodeguita del Medio is a veritable institution of Cuban cuisine, and it is worth coming here just to see the place. The menu features typical Creole dishes, but the main attraction here are the excellent mojitos.

El Floridita
at the corner of Calle Obispo and Calle Monserrate
A unique gourmet and historical experience awaits you at La Floridita, by far the most famous restaurant in Havana, though also a rather expensive one. Hemingway's very favourite place to eat, La Floridita celebrates all the delicious subtleties of seafood.

The Prado
Los Nardos
Prado no. 563, between Dragones and Brasil (Teniente Rey)
Adorned with beautiful woodwork and with a whole wall covered in wine bottles, this restaurant's large dining room is always full. Spanish and Asturian specialties are served up in enormous portions, the prices are hard to beat and the service is extremely friendly. A good bet!

The Centro
La Guarida
Calle Concordia no. 418, between Calle Gervasio and Calle Escobar
tel.863-7351 or 866-9047
This renowned paladar is where the interior scenes of Cuban film Fresa y Chocolate were shot at during the early 1990s. The restaurant serves excellent and creative fare.

The Vedado
Unión Francesa de Cuba
Calle 17, corner Calle 6
Don't let the name fool you, you won't be served any French cuisine at the Unión Francesa, but you will have the choice between three distinct restaurants: the ground floor harbours a posh and rather expensive Creole restaurant, while the second floor eatery serves pasta and pizzas at unbeatable prices, and the rooftop terrace offers excellent grilled meats.

La Casona de 17
Calle 17 no. 60, between Calle M and Calle N
This beautiful former residence was built in 1921 and once belonged to Fidel's godfather, according to the restaurant's management. A good spot to sample Cuban specialties, especially meat and fish dishes.

Mesón de la Chorrera
Calle Calzada no. 1252, corner Calle 20
Mesón de la Chorrera serves simple Creole dishes and tapas in an atmosphere that is hard to beat. The restaurant is located on the second floor of Castillo de la Chorrera, a 17th-century fort. Cannons can still be found pointing menacingly through the loopholes in the dining room. A delightful terrace has been set up outside at the base of the fort. On the

La Torre
Calle 17 no. 155, corner Calle M
La Torre, located on the 33rd floor of the FOCSA tower, offers a stunning panoramic view of the city, as well as delicious meat dishes such as steak tartare and chateaubriand.

Avenida 1, between Calle 22 and Calle 24
An attractive paladar, Vistamar offers a fabulous view of the sea. The restaurant is friendly and the food delicious. This is a good spot place for those who appreciate a family atmosphere.

Don Cangrejo
Avenida 1, between Calle 16 and Calle 18
Don Cangrejo is an excellent seafood restaurant that overlooks the sea. The view is worth the price of the food, especially if you get a table upstairs. The wine cellar is adequate, and for the price, it's hard to find a better place.

El Tocororo
Avenida 3, corner Calle 18
El Tocororo stands out on all scores. The restaurant boasts an extravagant decor and a menu of seafood and grilled meats that is just as creative.

The Eastern Beaches
El Brocal
Avenida 5, corner Calle 500, Guanabo
El Brocal is located in a historic Caribbean wood home that was built during the 1930s. Patrons can enjoy a variety of reasonably priced Mexican specialties in the restaurant's dining room or on its charming veranda.