Caffè Giolitti (Via Uffici del Vicario 40) in Centro Storico, is something of a landmark. This historic ice cream shop offers up no less than 70 flavours to choose from.

Babington's Tea Rooms (Piazza de Spagna 23) prepares classic English tea and scones at the foot of the Spanish Steps. Light lunch offerings round out the menu, but they don't come cheap.

Tazza d'Oro (Via degli Orfani 84, tel.06-679-2768) brews the best espresso in town. When in Rome!...

Caffè Greco (Via Condotti 86, tel.06 679-1700) was the haunt of 19th century writers and intellectuals, including Byron and Stendhal, and while it still attracts its share of serious thinkers, it has also become something of a tourist attraction. Ambiance guaranteed.

Piperno (Via Monte de' Cenci 9, tel.06-683-3606), located in the Centro Storico's Jewish ghetto, has long attracted Romans and visitors with its traditional Jewish cooking. The Jerusalem artichokes are a particular favourite.

Filletti di Baccalà (Largo dei Librari 88, tel.06-686-4018) serves a very traditional Italian fried cod. The almost diner-like interior near the Campo de' Fiori is unpretentious and cheerful.

Il Convivio Troiani (Vicolo dei Soldati 31, tel.06-686-9432) is run by the three Troiani brothers, who have more than earned their Michelin stars. The beautiful 16th-century building lends a formal feel to the dining room. The restaurant also boast an excellent wine cellar.

La Rosetta (Via della Rosetta 8, tel.06-686-1002) serves some of the best and most artfully prepared seafood in Rome. The renowned chef and fashionable surroundings do come at a price, though.

La Pergola (Via Alberto Cadolo 101, tel.06-350-92950), located in the hotel Rome Cavalieri, is arguably one of the city's best restaurants. You can enjoy the fine views atop Monte Mario while savouring fine Mediterranean cuisine.

Antonini (Via Sabotino 19-29) is an authentic pasticcerie with a 25m-long counter filled with enough sweets to last a lifetime. It is located near Vatican City.

Agata e Romeo (Via Carlo Alberto 45, tel.06-446-6115), east of Via del Corso, is run by married couple Agata and Romeo. The creative and refined menu is the highlight here, while the dining room is intimate and a touch rustic.

Arancia Blu (Via Prenestina, 396e, tel.06-445-4105) is perhaps Rome's best-known vegetarian restaurant. The Italian and Mediterranean flavourings make for some tasty offerings and the stylish interior adds to the experience.

Ristorante Ciarla (Piazza San Cosimato 42A, tel.06-581-8668), located in Trastevere, serves up no-nonsense, delicious seafood dishes either à la carte or as part of a menu degustazione. The funky decor adds a nice touch to a memorable meal.