Note that it is not customary to tip in Japan.

Kita (Umeda district)
Ganko Umeda Honten
1-5-11 Shibata, tel. (06) 6376-2001
Ganko Umeda Honten serves only the highest-quality Japanese fare.

10-7 Doyama-cho, tel. (06) 6361-1011
For a change of pace from Japanese cuisine, you can enjoy some tasty Mexican fare at Herradura.

Osteria Gaudente
1-11-4 Umeda, tel. (06) 6344-8685
This osteria, both a restaurant and a wine bar, serves delectable Italian cuisine.

Pina Khana
1-7-2 Shibata, tel. (06) 6375-5828
Crowds flock here at lunch and dinner time for excellent Indian food.

Umeda Hagakure
1-1-3 Umeda, tel. (06) 6341-1409
This restaurant serves scrumptious udon noodles for lunch or dinner.

Minami (Namba district)
1-6-14 Dotonbori, tel. (06) 4708-0088
Krungtep's buffet, green curry and fried noodles make this Thai restaurant a favourite among residents of the Dotonbori district.

3-7-28 Minamisemba, tel. (06) 6241-6515
For excellent Indian cuisine, head to Namaste, which offers a friendly atmosphere and affordable prices, in addition to delicious, hearty meals.

1-5-5 Higashi Shinsaibashi-suji, tel. (06) 6245-2248
A renowned establishment, Nishiya serves udon noodles and nabe, a Japanese stew served in an individual cast-iron pot.

2-2-17 Dotonbori, tel. (06) 6211-5181
This Indian restaurant is located in the Minami district and offers a wide array of excellent vegetarian curries and samosas.

Ume no Hana
1-4-3 Nishi Shinsaibashi, tel. (06) 6258-3766
This top-quality chain of restaurants specializes in tofu-based dishes.