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Nature lovers won't want to miss Nassau's Ardasta Gardens, Zoo & Convention Center, replete with exotic plants and birds, or the Nassau Botanical Gardens, the perfect place for an idyllic stroll.

New Providence Island
Cable Beach is a conglomeration of large, autonomous hotel complexes. From one end of West Bay Street (also known as Dual Carriage Way) to the other, you will discover magnificent sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters that lend themselves perfectly to a wide array of sports and activities.

To the west of Cable Beach, the road runs alongside a series of small beaches. The first one, Orange Hill Beach, faces an inn that bears the same name.

Love Beach, which lies beyond Old Fort Point, offers a mixture of sand and limestone and is considered an excellent spot for snorkelling.

Paradise Island
The north shore of Paradise Island is one continuous beach which starts on the narrow western tip of the island and boasts white sand as fine as flour.

Astounding Cabbage Beach is the area's most beautiful beach. More than 3km long, it stands out as larger than the others and its relatively calm waters make it ideal for a wide choice of sports and activities.

Grand Bahama Island
Taino Beach is among the prettiest beaches on the island. The fine white sands seem to go on forever...

Gold Rock Beach, part of Lucayan National Park, is unquestionably the most beautiful of this island's beaches.

PARKS Grand Bahama Island
The Garden of the Groves (Midshipman Rd.) was set up to protect the local flowers, ferns, trees and rare bushes; weddings are frequently celebrated here.

Lucayan National Park (on the eastern tip of the island) is a sanctuary for chinaberry beds, as well as wild tamarind and sea-grape trees.

Bahamas National Trust Rand Nature Centre (Settler's Way E.) offers visitors an opportunity to admire a variety of plants and birds, including flamingos and orchids.