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Golden Gate Park
bordered by Fulton St., Stanyan St., Lincoln Way and Great Hwy.
Considered the Central Park of the American West Coast, Golden Gate Park truly is the city's "green lung." This park is one of San Francisco's largest and is great for all kinds of activities: it features tennis courts, bike paths, trails, lakes, in-line skating areas and historic buildings.

Buena Vista Park
Haight St. at Buena Vista Ave.
You need only climb to the highest summit of Buena Vista Park ("beautiful view" in Spanish) to fully understand the origins of its name. Weather permitting, you'll get to gaze upon breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the ocean. The park's trails are bordered by eucalyptus and cypress trees.

Lafayette Park
bordered by Washington St., Gough St., Sacramento St. and Laguna St.
After visiting the Haas-Lilienthel House, why not stop by Lafayette Park? Half of the northern side of the park runs along the property of the superb Spreckels Mansion.

Alta Plaza Park
bordered by Jackson St., Scott St., Clay St. and Steiner St.
Movie buffs will perhaps remember Alta Plaza Park from the movie What's Up Doc?, in which Barbra Streisand crossed the southern side of the park by car. This lovely space is quite popular with the neighbourhood's residents.

A former military garrison founded by the Spanish in 1776, the Presidio was declared a national park in 1994. Nature-lovers will enjoy the many trails that run through the park's bucolic hills.