Parks & beaches

Lodi Gardens
The veritable green lungs of Delhi, these gardens were designed in 1936 at the request of the Vice Queen, Lady Willingdon, and built on the site of two ancient villages. In addition to its shaded pathways and flowerbeds, visitors will find the Athpula, a Mughal bridge which overlooks a small lake and several Muslim mausoleums.

Sultanpur National Park & Bird Sanctuary
To visit this ornithological refuge located 46km west of Delhi, we recommended you rent a car and a chauffeur for the day; both are available at a reasonable cost. Transformed into a shallow lake after the rainy season, the Sultanpur marshland nature reserve features a network of paths that are perfect for observing birds and the local plant life. You may catch a glimpse of some Sarus cranes, noisy Demoiselle cranes, or antelopes, which are usually unfazed by visitors.