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Sunshine in the Phoenix area averages 86%, making for 300 sunny days per year. Phoenix has an average annual rainfall of 7.6 inches (190mm) and an average annual high temperature of 84°F (29°C). The climate is primarily influenced by the surrounding Sonoran Desert which brings a welcome low humidity to the region. Temperatures during the winter (from November through March) can drop to the freezing point at night, but highs average in the low 70s (20°C) during the day. This period is also the first of two “rainy” seasons as the occasional storm from the Pacific moves far enough inland to drop some rain. However, there can be months in this or any other season when practically no precipitation occurs.

By April, the average daytime high has reached 86°F (30°C) while temperatures over 100°F (40°C) are common throughout the summer months. Countless area residents will say “it’s a dry heat,” and they’re right; this arid desert region has a very low relative humidity, which keeps the humidex factor down. The second rainy season is usually during July, August and September, when Phoenix receives 32% of its annual rainfall. Some of this precipitation comes in the form of monsoons which occur when arid westerly air masses meet the more humid southerly winds from the Sea of Cortez and Gulf of Mexico. If caught in a monsoon, pull over to the side of the road, or find cover and watch the show. These storms are relatively short and provide an exciting display of lightning and thunder.

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