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Generally speaking, there are advantages and disadvantages to Portugal's climate: it rains quite often, but temperatures are mild and relatively stable. Because of its latitude, days are longer than in London or New York between September 21 and March 21. Any time of year is a good time to visit Portugal, and when you go will ultimately depend on what kind of trip you are planning.

January, February and March

Above all, take note that Lisbon in January is twice a sunny as Paris or London, and 50% more than Montréal or New York. As far as temperature is concerned, newly arrived North Americans often parade around in T-shirts, taking advantage of average highs around 15°C. Lisbon nights in January are cooler, around 8 °C. Both Lisbon and Porto are rainy during this month, with 11 days of rain in the capital and 13 days in Porto, which is farther north and has an Atlantic climate. Half as much rain falls in Faro, in the Algarve, than in Porto in January, but there are still seven days of rain. This, combined with average highs of 15 °C, means you won't be lounging around in your swimsuit all day, not to mention that the 16 °C waters of the Atlantic are not very inviting. February and March are generally the same as January.

April and May

A look at the statistics may explain a few things about history and song. The weather starts to change in April in Portugal, like during the Flower Revolution! The mercury climbs to an average of 20 °C during the day in Lisbon and Faro, and only drops to 13 °C at night. Perfect outdoor weather, especially when you consider that Faro receives only 30 millimetres of rain over five days in the month. Lisbon is less lucky and receives twice as much over eight days. In fact, it rains more in Lisbon in April than in Paris; it seems songs occasionally lead to false assumptions.


With only one day of rain in Lisbon and Faro (on average, of course!), and five in Porto and Miranda do Douro, this is a perfect time for a grand tour of the country – especially since the tourist masses have yet to arrive, and temperatures remain very pleasant with maximum highs around 25 °C throughout the country and minimums between 10 and 20°C.

July and August

This is the big tourist season, but not necessarily the most tolerable for those who don't enjoy hot weather. Average highs hover around 28 °C throughout the country, with almost no rainy days, except in Porto, where people wonder if the English didn't leave some of their weather behind.

September and October

Just like June – except that we are in the northern hemisphere and therefore heading towards the shortest days of the year: in October, the whole country has an average of 4hrs less daylight than in June! Nevertheless, with close to 8hrs of sunlight per day, on average, it's much more pleasant than London, New York or Montréal!

November and December

Temperatures drop everywhere, and the number of days of rain goes up. Nevertheless, the mercury does hover between 8 and 15 °C in Lisbon and it only rains one out of every three days; urbanites could easily discover everything that Lisbon, Porto and their surroundings have to offer.

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